Article submitted by Herding Instinct Chair A. J. Listman

The annual Herding Instinct test that was postponed from March due to the Covid 19 situation was held in conjunction with an Oasis that substituted for the also cancelled Family Picnic in June was held on Set 26th at Diamond Dog in Chino.

The test was full, with a few dogs from the wait list able to participate when some dogs had to drop out. Over 80% of dogs tested, one lone cardi and lots of pems, passed. Folks received welcome bags when they checked in containing snacks for people & dogs, a dog toy and paper games for people to while away their wait time. There were dogs ranging in age from 6 months to 9 years.

Owners reported having a great time watching their dogs interact with sheep for the first time. For dogs reluctant to engage the sheep, owners were invited into the test pen to see if their presence might encourage the dogs to engage with the sheep. This wasn’t always successful, but it may have helped a dog or two to feel more comfortable is a new and strange setting.

The 2021 test is scheduled for March 20th, more info to be posted on the website sometime in January.
Photos courtesy of PWCCSC members Colleen Gray and Larry Ferris